Decode Sidewall Markings On Your OTR Tyre

Decode Sidewall Markings
August 2022

Have you ever wondered what’s written on your tyres? What do those markings signify? It might seem like a code when you first look at it, but it’s no rocket science to decode the same. These are important attributes that differentiate a tyre from another and help you figure out the size of the tyre, and the environment it is compatible with. We are here to answer all questions you might have regarding these markings. By the end of this, you will practically know how to read a tyre.

9 must-know parameters for choosing the Ideal Tyre for Agriculture Application

August 2022

Agricultural equipment plays a vital role in a farmer’s life and finding the ideal tyre for your machinery can seem like a tiresome task. Even a minor mistake can make your machinery less efficient, so there is no scope for anything but the best.

Here are 9 Correct ways of choosing an ideal tyre for agricultural applications.