Life at MTPL

Life at MTPL

‘Never Stop Rising’ is the mantra that guides everything we do at Ascenso. It reflects in our work culture too.

Our employees is our most valuable resource and we ensure that every employee gets the right opportunity to rise. We help them hone their skills and provide ample opportunities to realise their full potential.

Ascenso has a right mix of young and experienced professionals who help each other learn new processes and smarter ways of working, in a safe and secure work environment.

Our global presence opens up a whole new range of opportunities for individuals who are ready to give their best in every situation.

Are your ready to rise with us?

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    Our Values

    Our values are what guide the way we do business. These values help us create long term relationships with our stakeholders and build win-win partnerships.

    We call our core values framework: ‘ORANGE’. It consists of:
    • O - Ownership
    • R - Respect
    • A - Agility
    • N - Never give up
    • G - Go getter, Go together
    • E - Empathetic
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    Celebrating together is a great way for team bonding. At Ascenso, we make it a point to have some fun at work by organising such celebrations from time to time.

    These celebrations give us a lot of positive energy and help us create some great memories.

    Giving back to the community

    As a responsible corporate organisation, we believe in giving back to the community that we operate in, through a series of social initiatives.

    Our commitment towards the protection and conservation of environment has taken a solid form: Tread Green.