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Ascenso Tyres unveils major rebrand of EATD

April 12, 2023
Ascenso Tyres is a well established name in the off highway tyres segment in both domestic and international markets. To strengthen its presence in the European markets, the brand acquired a majority stake in EATD GmbH in July 2020 to market Ascenso Tyres’ extensive range of products to customers in Europe. Stepping closer to Mahansaria Tyres Pvt. Ltd. ‘s (MTPL) vision to become one of the leading manufacturers of “Off Highway” tires, on 1 February, the company announced the renaming of its European subsidiary toAscenso Tires CE GmbH. The name change of the subsidiary is reflective of distribution of Ascenso Tyres in 10 countries throughout Central Europe(CE) by Ascenso Tires CE GmbH.

The synergies between Ascenso Tyres and Ascenso Tyres CE GmbH have been highly successful since the acquisition. The name change aligns with MTPL’s strategic plan as it will benefit the expansion of Ascenso Tyres in the European Market through the subsidiary’s expertise in distribution, and at the same time enhance Ascenso Tyre’s market awareness and brand effect. MTPL is focused on bringing the innovative and diverse range of Ascenso products to European customers through Ascenso Tires CE GmbH, as they are the exclusive importer of the Ascenso Tyres brand in Central Europe.

Ascenso Tyres is a leading off-highway tyre brand built on the legacy of its promoters, the Mahansaria Family. The brand grows and benefits from the experience, knowledge and successful track record of the visionary father-son duo, Ashok Mahansaria and Yogesh Mahansaria. MTPL is a supplier of first-rate tyres for the following sectors: Agriculture, Industrial and Construction, Earth Mover, Material Handling, and Forestry. Since the launch of the brand, the portfolio has expanded to over 500+ products in over 85 countries and custom solutions tailored to specific customer needs.

The Mahansaria family and EATD have a history of over 30 years of partnership, and the name change signifies the strengthening of their relationship. In the last two years, Ascenso Tyres has proven to be one of the fastest-growing tyre brands globally, which will further enhance Ascenso Tire CE GmbH’s position in the European Market, according to Matthias Lüttschwager, the Managing Director of Ascenso Tyres CE GmbH.

“We are delighted to continue our partnership with Mahansaria Tyres Private Limited and the Mahansaria family. We are two family companies that combine over 35 years of experience to build an effective distribution network and increase the success of our customers.”