Ascenso – THB 230 Review

THB 230: With THB 230 there are no failures. Delivering sheer excellence.

THB 230 displays a specially designed directional tread pattern that ensures best-in-class self-traction with cleaning properties and provides excellent stability during vehicle operation. With Strong Nylon Carcass that safeguards the tyre against failures, making it the best choice for smooth operation. Ascenso has once again outdone itself in terms of delivering the best quality premium range agricultural tyre.

Stability you can count on.

Bush Tyres (U.K)

The Merlo telescopic handlers are compact and lightweight to reduce maneuvering space and impact on the ground. These features guarantee safety, maneuverability, productivity, and lower consumption.

Our team at Bush Tyres has fitted the Merlo Telehandler with a complete set of Ascenso THB 230, whose distinctive features help in smoother operations.